Protected Data Management Software

Data is one of a great organization’s most beneficial assets. This powers virtually all business functions and requires proper managing and finely-detailed to ensure accuracy. This is why the majority of organizations invest in safeguarded data software.

Data control platforms allow data collection across multiple systems to make a single single dataset, that help manage access to this. This allows users to quickly and accurately operate analytics, although ensuring that delicate data is still protected. Data governance is mostly a critical characteristic that provides a great audit path and facilitates regulatory compliance. These tools can also provide centralized access control through plans, enforcing least privilege.

The very best data operations solutions will be scalable and support multiple deployment choices. This enables these to adapt to the changing requires of an organization. This includes impair, on-prem and SaaS applications. They will also manage a variety of data formats and storage types. These tools as well enable data repurposing and reduce the cost of request infrastructure.

Satori is a clear proxy implemented between your info and your users that instantly classifies and controls use of sensitive info, without changing the database schizzo or affecting the user knowledge. This protects PII, PHI and financial data through the myriad of info warehouses, document servers, big data systems and mainframes that underlie operational, transactional and syllogistic systems and programs. Combined with a powerful internet search engine and central policy administration, this solution delivers the security you need to comply with privacy laws, reduce risk and shield your brand.

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